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gotisKaen is an entrance set console which includes a mirror/hat rack and an umbrella/shoe stand, to leave your stuff when you arrive home.

What makes special to gotisKaen is that the water drained from umbrellas and shoes, is recolected by a perfored container where the user can grow plants.

Therefore gotisKaen allows a different ecofriendly solution to water use. gotisKaen is a different design for funny
people, which like to enjoy the life enviroment, and be happy to start and end each day at the home entrance.

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Ícarus is a design developed to protect the user from ray of sun, during the sunbath, with the intensity desired.

Ícarus has itself an individual parasol which can be displayed or not, and cover the body completely or in translucent gradient.

Ícarus let the user enjoy the sun, lain in the chaise longe.

Ícarus has a parasol integrated and just with a simple and easy movement by rotating the fabric all around the chaise longue, the customer do not have to be stand up to choose the convenience of the ray sun trespassing the parasol fabric. The customer can do it just lain in the chaise longue.

Ícarus allows the user to display the parasol unfolded or folded, because the parasol can be handled to be lain in the chaise longue, by an easy device integrated in the structure.

Ícarus is a chaise longue design which includes two objects in one, uniting both concepts which, in the first place, are opposite; sun bathing and sun protection. It is easy to use, and offers a simple solution with an attractive and modern appearance.

The parasol is integrated in the chaise longue. The user can choose the sun intensity by simply moving the fabric around the chaise longue, without having to stand up. This is possible because the fabric is woven thicker in some zones than others, which offers a variable sun protection.

When the parasol is not in need, it can be easily folded, becoming part of the chaise longue. The surface, on which the user will lay, is made of a string net, thanks to its adaptability to the body and aesthetic solution. Other materials can be also used, such as polyester, or cotton recyclable fabrics.

The structure is made of two identical stainless steel tubular parts.

This solution was chosen to minimize the number of parts and processes making the production easier and optimizing the costs. Other reasons that led to this solution was that this way the design would be easy to assemble and disassemble, to reduce packing and transport costs thanks to a plane packaging, and to make the reparation easier in case of breakage.

Ícarus design can be easily stacked, displaying at least 4 of them. The parasol up and down device is made of 2 stainless steel sheets, 2mm thick, welded to a stainless steel tubular piece of 22mm diameter. The stainless steel tubular structure can be made in chrome or white matte finish. The fabric will be waved from very thick to almost translucent thickness, so a part of the fabric is semitransparent, and at the same time it offers protection from the sun, blocking 86 percent of the sun’s rays.

The thread material used to be weaved for fabric manufacturing, will be a cotton-blend yarn thread made from recyclable cotton fabrics. There are already some companies that transform small scraps of fabric waste, recollected from apparel factories, which with a technical process convert pre-colored fabric waste back into usable 100% cotton fiber that can then be re-spun into yarns. Its content is guaranteed to be 75%-90% pre-consumer recycled content.

The fabric used for the parasol and surface of the chaise longue, can be customized according to the client / user’s needs, such as, printing logo, adapting it to the complex’s corporative colors, or any other.

All the characteristics explained below have been taken into account to design Ícarus, achieving a compromise between an eco-friendly and low cost manufacture, during the whole product’s life cycle:

• Minimum quantity and type of materials.
• Multi-functionality.
• Low cost and time reduction in manufacturing process.
• Solution that offers eco-friendly and low cost logistics.
• Easy assembly and disassembly.
• Easy maintenance of parasol fabric.
• Use of recycled materials for manufacturing.
• Use of materials, that when transformed in waste, can be easily recycled.